Craft Beer, Spirits, Wine, and Cocktails

This year The Gentlemen’s Expo will feature an expanded offering of some of the world’s best potent potables. Ranging from scotches, bourbons, whisk(e)ys, craft and big brand beers, wines, cocktails and everything in between, The Gentlemen’s Expo will definitely not leave you thirsty.

Brand ambassadors will also be on hand all weekend long to give you a behind the scenes look at what makes your favourite new drink interesting. Learn the stories behind these great products and the process involved in crafting them.


Main Stage

We will be announcing Headliners very soon! In the meantime, we are proud to announce that…

Dr. Jess will be back to show you how to add a little of that Frank’s Red Hot to spice up your love life (please do not actually add Frank’s Red Hot into your love life).

Hypnotist Chris Jones (from the 10th season of America’s Got Talent) is back! Chris Jones is responsible for getting Howie to shake everyone’s hand under his hypnosis. Who knows what he will do at the show, but it will definitely something you’ve got to see.


The Gentlemen’s Casino

Whether you love Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps or even War, The Gentlemen’s Casino will give you the chance to hone your skills.


Sports Simulators

We’re bringing an array of interactive athletic simulators to try your hand or foot at so why not show off all those skills you’ve honed throughout your life at The Gentlemen’s Expo? We’ve got hockey, golf, soccer, racing, tennis, football and a whole lot more for you to kick your friend’s ass at.


Retail Shopping

Need to bring a little sexy back into your wardrobe?

We’ve got a huge selection of amazing brands for you to discover at The Gentlemen’s Expo this year. From custom suits through to casual wear and accessories we have you covered from head to toe so that you can look fresh, fly, hip, crisp or however else you like to define the fact that you now look that damn good.

This year The Gentlemen’s Expo is expanding our retail offering to make sure you can buy from your favourite brands, discover new ones, and see some cool stuff you never even knew existed. From traditional vendors to new virtual stores, The Gentlemen’s Expo has everything you need to look and feel your best this fall.


#TGE2016 Culinary Programme

Last year, you said “More Food! More Chefs! More Cooking Demos!” We listened. There will be renowned Chefs. SEE WHO! We will have demos: Learn the basics of grilling, marinating and so much more in these informative and interactive sessions. And there will be more food offerings on sit! SEE WHO! Uniquely the cooking stage is also home to our mixology demos, join in and see some of the top mixologists from your favourite bars teach you how to make their signature drinks and help you up your own bar skills.

Giving you unprecedented access to some great chefs, incredible food and cocktails our #TGE2016 Culinary Programme is worth the price of admission alone!



Made In The GTA

It was so popular last year, we’re bringing it back to #TGE2016… Our Made in the GTA Pavilion celebrates all things local. This area will feature some amazing companies which are being built right here in Toronto. Shop local and show your support to some of our great home grown brands.


Gentlemen’s Guide Classroom

Remember school? This is sort of like that, but only awesome stuff. The Gentlemen’s Guide Classroom is an area of higher learning for those that want to know more about beer, spirits, wine, cocktails, grilling, suiting, and a whole lot more.



Bag Jump

Imagine a 30ft scaffold that you can climb up and jump off into a huge pillow of air. Come and take the leap!


Yamaha Canada Music Garage Band

The Yamaha Canada Music Garage Band Experience will WOW you. A fully-built garage with a massive selection of instruments to try out, from Yamaha Canada Music. This is the jam space of your dreams, because you can get hands on and try everything. Grab a guitar (like the new Revstar) and melt some faces with a solo. Grab those drum sticks and do that part from Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’.