The Gentlemen’s Expo is proud to announce a series of special guests and panels to help educate and entertain audiences. The Gentlemen’s Expo is Nov 24-25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building.

WHO: Tweed’s Shega Youngson, Adam Greenblatt, Jonathan Whittaker, Daniel Beltrame 

WHAT: Two Panels from Tweed: Harvest Stories & Know Your Cannabis

WHEN: FRIDAY, NOV. 24th 6:30pm-7:15pm -Tweed: Harvest Stories followed by 15 min Q&A

WHEN: SATURDAY, NOV. 25th 4:30pm-5:15pm – Tweed: Know Your Cannabis followed by 15 min Q&A



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Tweed Harvest Stories – Friday, Nov. 24 at 6:30pm 

We’re incredibly proud of the massive Fall harvest we experienced this year. That’s why we decided to  invite our talented managers from our multiple production sites to share their stories at this year’s Gentlemen’s Expo in Toronto! From seed to harvest to post-harvest, listen and learn about what it takes to prepare the various cannabis products we offer at Tweed.


Jonathan Whittaker, Production Manager

Daniel Beltrame, Post-Harvest Manager  


Shega Youngson and Adam Greenblatt

Tweed Know Your Cannabis – Saturday, Nov 25 at 4:30pm

Cannabis laws are liberalizing across Canada and the world, creating new opportunities for communities and consumers. From regulations and responsible consumption, to how cannabis works in the body, there is knowledge that must be shared as we move towards legalization and expansion of the cannabis industry. Enhance your understanding of this plant, know your cannabis.


Shega Youngson (National Community Engagement Manager)

Adam Greenblatt (Quebec Brand Manager)

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