Tag Your Friends. You’re a #Gentfluencer


You’ve been to our show. You’ve experienced The Gentlemen’s Expo. Now we want you to spread the word. Congratulations, you’re a #Gentfluencer! Tag a friend on whatever social platform you choose and we could randomly award them tickets. We’ll give away a number of pairs each week. And, if you don’t have your tickets yet, we could hook you up with some tickets as well. Everyone wins.

Here’s some text you can use on Facebook & Instagram:

Hey <insert your friend’s name>. I just entered you to win tickets to the @GentlemensExpo on Nov 24-25.  You should come cuz, I know you’re into style, grooming, health, fitness, food, drink, sports, entertainment.

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Here’s some wording for Twitter. Make sure you change your friend’s name in the tweet!

Hey @friend’s name. I just entered you to win tickets to the @GentlemensExpo on Nov 24-25. You’re gunna love it! #TGE2017 #BeBetter

What is a #Gentfluencer? Well, that’s you. Someone who aims to #BeBetter. It’s someone who puts more into the world than they take out. It’s someone who is defined by what they stand for, not what they stand against. They are someone who is constantly learning, always improving, and someone who pushes the status quo. A Gentfluencer can be male or female. It’s all about how you carry yourself.


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