We put our heads together and hand-selected a number of awesome eateries to represent almost every taste we could dream up. Here’s the list of the food purveyors at The Gentlemen’s Expo 2017. We are so ready to fill our bellies and hope you are too!


Oyster Boy

When you think fresh seafood in Toronto, you probably think of Oyster Boy. If not, you’re a shucking liar! We kid, we kid.This year at #TGE2017, grab some fresh oysters, a cocktail and browse all that we have on offer. Oyster Boy is as fresh as it gets and they will be at #TGE2017!

Hank Daddy’s BBQ

Do you like your BBQ sticky and tangy and full of flavour? Cool, then Hank Daddy’s is for you. Most of you know that Hank Daddy’s BBQ game is super strong: classics, like pulled pork and brisket with their legendary sauce. Finding it hard to type… getting…. too… hungry… We know you’re gunna love Hank Daddy’s!

Landing Group

You’ve probably been to a Landing Group resto. Truth be told, you’ve probably been to a few of them. Hunters, Williams, Harpers, etc etc… We can’t wait to see what they are bringing to #TGE2017. Fingers crossed for fish tacos, or that crispy cauliflower, or those sweet potato fries, or maybe that sticky toffee pudding??? Anything off their menu would be most welcome. We can’t wait!

ONO Poké

We needed to have Poke at #TGE2017, so why not have the best? ONO serve up healthy Hawaiian Asian-inspired Poke Bowls & Sushi Burritos, loaded with quality ingredients and flavourful sauces. Sign us up! This is one of those places that you’ll definitely go and check out again and again.  

Mustache Burger

These guys do fresh burgers. They keep it simple and super tasty. They know how to make a burger. This is what they do.You may have spotted their food truck out and about in Toronto. We will be parking it inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Nov 24 to 25!

Gangster Cheese

These guys are the Grilled Cheese Bosses. The make many, many varieties of Grilled Cheese sandwiches. so whether you go for their ‘New School’ or ‘Old School’ you’re making the right choice. Always fresh, always tasty and always cheesy. We can’t wait for to experience the Gansters!

Carnivore Club

Cured meat for the soul. Tim and the gang at Carnivore Club operate the world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats delivered to your door.
 Every month they feature a new artisan. What samples will they bring to #TGE2017? We can’t wait to find out!

That’s our list! Hope you can come check it out. Also be sure to check out our Culinary Stage Line Up!



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